Night Vision 3x Afocal Lens Attachment Adapter (37mm clamp to M30.3x0.8)

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Night Vision 3x Afocal Lens Attachment Adapter


Front side - M30.3x0.8 (1.2″-32tpi) thread

Rear side - 37mm inner tube

This adapter replaces the military style snap on lens connector that attaches the 3x afocal lens to the front of the PVS-7, PVS-14, or ENVIS lens equipped night vision device.  The longer length allows the user to mount a standard 1.25″ astronomy filter to the front of the device objective, and then the 3x lens can be mounted over the filter (the RafCamera 1.25″ astro filter (M28.5x.06) to 1.2″-32tpi adatper is required to mount the filter to the device objective).

Alternately, two of these can be used with the filter adapter screwed into the front and the filters mounted on the 3x afocal adapter so that filters can be changed without threading and treadling the filters.

More Information

More Information
Adapter Front Side37mm clamp
Adapter Rear SideM30.3x0.8
  • Design: Many of our products were inspired by customers, and have great application value.
  • Material: Aluminium alloy 2024 (used in aviation and space industry). It is light and durable.
  • Technology: Cutting from solid bars provides highest possible product quality.
  • Tolerances: A bit tight fit is better than too loose fit for imaging equipment.
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