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Konvas Bridge Plate ($399.00)
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Konvas Bridge Plate

Our new product is Konvas Bridge Plate. It is designed to be used with standard 15mm rods with 10cm center-to center distance. The bridge plate comes with the universal part that allows to switch to Super-35 setup. Three tripod bushes. It has spring-loaded stoppers to prevent a sliding off.

The bridge plate is made of light alloy and steel. Weight is 2kg.

2 years warranty.

Konvas Bridge Plate

Normal setupSuper-35 setup
The top part can be flipped to switch between Normal and Super-35 setup.

Front side
Stoppers prevent the top plate from sliding off.

Three tripod bushes.

Camera is secured by the screw. Due to specifics of the Konvas cameras we were unable to implement a thumbscrew. So, you'll need a screwdriver. We'll supply a special convenient tool that will fit both this screw and stoppers.

Key for camera screwKey for stoppers

Clamping part
We also improved shape of the clamping part filing it's corners. Now it is more easy to assemble top and bottom parts of the bridge plate.

With camera

Rods are available at extra charge.

Here is 3D model. Hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse to rotate it.

Your browser doesn't support VRML. Sorry.

If you don't have a VRML viewer installed, you can download it here.

I've received the bridge plate & 15mm rods & support & video assist. The bridge plate is great and I like it!

Y.T., USA, 25.02.2005

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