M42x1 lens to Arri PL camera mount adapter, improved

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M42x1 lens to Arri PL camera mount adapter, improved

  • Front side - M42x1 female thread
  • Rear dise - Arri PL mount

The adapter allows using M42x1 lenses (for Zenit, Praktica cameras) on cameras with Arri PL mount.

Actually, not every lens will fit it since it is necessary to recess the adapter into Arri PL mount to match FFD (to allow infinity focus). So, you'll be able to install any lens that is narrow enough in rear part - less than 53mm diameter (see the drawing with important dimensions).

This 53mm is maximum that can be achieved for this type of adapters.

There are cut-outs on all 4 bayonet lugs to provide 4 mounting positions (you may want to position a lens' index mark to different side for assistant job, for example).

Distinctive feature from competing offers is set screw in the m42 flange. It allows securing a lens position so you can't unscrew the lens accidentally if focus ring is tight. The screw comes from rear side and doesn't damage a lens thread. Black color prevents light reflections.

The adapter is made of high quality aluminium alloy, anodized to black color, and laser engraved.

More Information
Adapter Front SideM42x1
Adapter Rear SideArri PL mount
  • Design: Many of our products were inspired by customers, and have great application value.
  • Material: Aluminium alloy 2024 (used in aviation and space industry). It is light and durable.
  • Technology: Cutting from solid bars provides the highest possible product quality.
  • Tolerances: A bit tight fit is better than too loose fit for imaging equipment.
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