Frequently Asked Questions

Q00: Why should I buy from you?

A: Good question :-) Please read about us.

Q01: How can I purchase from your store?

A: Just add necessary items to cart and proceed to checkout, please.

Q02: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers. PayPal is preferable method. Just make sure that you completed your payment. You will get order confirmation message even if payment is not complete, but your order will not be shipped.

Q03: How do I know that you shipped my order?

A: You will receive shipment confirmation e-mail message. If you don't receive it within 2 business days, something went wrong. Please check SPAM folder of your mail service. If our message is there, please add our e-mail to your whitelist. If no message in SPAM, your order probably was not paid. Please check your payment source to see if payment actually took place.

Q04: Where are you shipping from?

A: Most items are shipped from Moscow (Russia). Some items are shipped from Belarus (Europe). In rare cases we split large orders if there is no enough items at either of our storehouses to ship them all from same place.

Q05: How can I track my package?

A: Please check shipment confirmation e-mail message. It contains clickable tracking number(s) for your order.

Q06: I clicked on the tracking number, but got message 'TRACKING DOES NOT EXIST'. Why?

A: This means the tracking number is not updated by courier or by our tracking system yet. Please try again in few hours.

Q07: I didn't receive shipment confirmation message.

A: You can check is SPAM folder. Or login to your account and check order info (your orders list can be found at My Account -> My Orders; after you choose specific order, please select 'Order Shipments' tab). Make sure your order state is 'Complete'. If it is in 'Pending' or 'Cancelled' state, it was not paid, and will not be shipped. You need to make new order.

Q08: I'm waiting for 3 weeks already, and no package arrived so far. What can I do?

A: First of all, please track your package. There is a chance that it is waiting for you at your local postal office. We ship registered mail only, so signature is required to accept it. Unfortunately, postmen never leave a note about failed delivery attempt. If your package is at your post office, please claim it as soon as possible, or they will send it back to us 'unclaimed'.

Q09: I've tracked package, and it is not even in my country yet.

A: We ship within 1 business day after order is paid, but not in control of transit events. Many factors affect actual delivery time - weather conditions, holiday seasons, customs inspection etc.

Q10: How long I should wait before a package can be considered lost?

A: 30 days since shipping date usually. 45 days in high seasons or in case of national strikes, bad weather conditions and other known issues that affect delivery.

Q11: What about lost packages?

A: We either refund lost packages or ship another. Decision is up to you.

Q12: I need my order ungently! Can you ship Overnight or something like this?

A: Unfortunately, no. Our experience shows that there is no guaranteed delivery time no matter what you paid for. So, we don't make any delivery promises. Mentioned 20 days for Priority Mail and 10 days for Express Mail are estimated AVERAGE delivery times. Actual delivery may take longer, and there is no way to affect this.

Q13: I received my order, but there is wrong item. What should I do?

A: Please don't worry. Such thigs happen sometimes in the imperfect world. We will ship correct item on our own expense next business day after your report. You will keep wrong one as compensation for inconvenience. We don't claim wrong items back usually.

Q14: Item is correct, but it doesn't fit my lens (or camera). What can I do?

A: This depends on why it doesn't fit. If you bought wrong item (not purposed for your camera or lens), you can either keep it and buy correct one, or return it (return shipping is on you, our shipping charge will not be refunded, and we will keep 20% restock fee since we have quite high level of non-refundable expenses related to order processing). If item is correct, but defective, you are under our lifetime warranty - we will ship another one next day after your report, and will test it thoroughly before shipping.

Q15: I'm happy with your adapter. How can I leave a feedback?

A: Thank you for your good will! Please visit your item page and write short positive review on the product. This will help other customers as well.

Q16: I didn't find adapter I need. Can you make me special one?

A: Please contact us and explain in details what are you going to achieve. We will check if we can make it. If you didn't supply enough details, we will ask more questions. More than 50% of requests are fulfilled. And best of all - you will get your item free of charge if it has commercial value. We reward good ideas!

Q17: Is there other ways to get free items?

A: Yes. If you are owner or active reputable participant of some online community, and want to buy from us something wanted in that community, we can provide free sample for you in exchnage of your publication of advertising material there. This can be a forum topic, blog article, YouTube clip, social media post etc. We don't provide free items on every such request automatically, but reserve right to decide ourselves.