LOMO OKS5-18-1 (2.5/18mm)

This lens was designed at NPO "EKRAN". It has extended Back Focal Length so it can be mounted on 35mm film movie cameras with 19mm distance between mirror shutter and film plane.

The lens provides acceptable image quality comparable to Cine Prominar 2/20 mm, and superior to Super Baltar 2/20 mm.

I had ОКС5-18-1 lenses in different mounts (OCT-19, OCT-19 and other).

Specifications of the optical block OKS5-18-1

The lens has only 8 aperture blades, so octagonal shape of the aperture opening is clearly visible.

Optical block has no aperture values marks. Also, there are no click stops. Effective relative aperture may vary a little (I saw T/3.1, T/3.2, and T/3.3 samples).

Lens system

Focal length
f' 18.3 mm
Angle of view 2ω' 74°08'
Effective relative aperture f:nэ 1:3.2
Lens length
Σd 77.2 mm
Front focal length S -
Back focal length S' 33.6 mm
Flange focal distance Z
Block length
B 78.4 mm
Block max. diameter
D 62.5 mm
Rear diameter
D' 33 mm
Front element diameter
d1 52.5 mm
Rear element diameter
20.0 mm
Mount thread

SpM36x0.75 cl 2a
Distance from rear end of the housing
to the focal plane
Aperture blades quantity

Frame size

16x22 mm
340 g

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