Follow focus gear for M65x1 focusing helicoid (88.5-101-14mm)

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Follow focus gear for M65x1 focusing helicoid (88.5-101-14mm)

This gear is purposed for Chinese M65x1 focusing helicoids with 17-31mm extension range.

Please measure your helicoid outer diameter before purchase. Different versions of such helicoids available on market, and some of them may have different diameter.

Installation is very simple - just slide the gear over the helicoid focus ring and tigth set screw gently. Set screw are installed, allen key is included into the delivery set.

For sale is the gear only. The helicoid is pictured just to show how it looks with the gear installed.


More Information
Inner Diameter88.5mm
Outer Diameter100.8mm
  • Design: Many of our products were inspired by customers, and have great application value.
  • Material: Aluminium alloy 2024 (used in aviation and space industry). It is light and durable.
  • Technology: Cutting from solid bars provides the highest possible product quality.
  • Tolerances: A bit tight fit is better than too loose fit for imaging equipment.