LOMO OKS2-100-2 (2.8/100mm)

Many operators use OKS1-100-1 (2/100mm) lens. But this lens has not very high image quality. That is why it is recommended to use OKS2-100-1 lens (2.8/100mm) purposed for 70mm film but having different focusing mount and smaller front element. Such lens was named OKS2-100-2. It has higher image quality and is used in anamorphic block 35BAS22-2 as well.

Unfortunately, this lens version is relatively rare. I had only couple of them.

Specification of LOMO OKS 2-100-2 optical block
Lens system

Focal length
f' 99.7 mm
Angle of view 2ω' 15°30'
Effective relative aperture f:nэ 1:3.2
Lens length
Σd 75.9 mm
Front focal length S -39.4 mm
Back focal length S' 57.8 mm
Flange focal distance Z
90.5 mm
Block length
B 85.5 mm
Block max. diameter
D 54 mm
Rear diameter
D' 38 mm
Front element diameter
d1 37.8 mm
Rear element diameter
28.3 mm
Mount thread

Distance from rear end of the housing
to the focal plane
51.3 mm
Aperture blades quantity

Frame size

16x22 mm
320 g

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