Planar 1.3/50mm

The Planar 1.3/50mm lens is purposed for usual film shots.

Specification of Planar 1.3/50mm

Manufacturer "OPTON" (Germany)
Lens system -
Focal length f' 47.9 mm
Angle of view 2ω' 30°26'
Effective relative aperture f:nэ 1:1.4
Lens length Σd 51.1 mm
Front focal length S -
Back focal length S' 26.4 mm
Flange focal distance Z -
Block length B 78 mm
Block max. diameter D 76 mm
Rear diameter D' 41 mm
Front element diameter d1 45 mm
Rear element diameter d2 27 mm
Mount thread -
Distance from rear end of the housing
to the focal plane
l 25.9 mm
Aperture blades quantity ?
Frame size 16x22 mm
Weight 410 g

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