OCT-18 lens to Arri PL camera mount adapter

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OCT-18 lens to Arri PL camera mount adapter

  • Front side - accepts OCT-18 lens
  • Rear side - fits Arri PL camera mount

This adapter works correctly with any OCT-18 lenses - it holds inner optical block still, and allows focusing mount of the lens rotate as it should.

INPORTANT: We do not lubricate this adapter before shipping, but this mechanism requires some grease to work smoothly and with small efforts. So, please don't forget to lubricate moving surfaces of the adapter and lens regularly. Also, the lens should be serviced so its focusing mechanism is not stuck/stiff. These are manufacturer requirement to OCT-18 lens and Konvas cameras, and our adapter works like an original camera mount so these requirements are valid here as well.

Quick-change mechanism implemented - you can change lenses in seconds. And there is even no need to remove adapter from camera. So, you may consider is as camera mount conversion if you wish - install the adapter into the camera mount, and just change OCT-18 lenses then.

Word of caution: if you have a reflex camera, make sure to NOT position this adapter with its guiding pin facing shutter - you will damage your stutter in this case.

In any case, if your camera has rotating shutter, turn it few times carefully by hand to make sure the shutter clears the adapter.

Based on some reports, here is the list of INCOMPATIBLE cameras:

  • Alexa XT
  • Alexa Mini
  • Alexa Amira
  • Canon C500II with PL mount


More Information
Adapter Front SideOCT-18
Adapter Rear SideArri PL mount
  • Design: Many of our products were inspired by customers, and have great application value.
  • Material: Aluminium alloy 2024 (used in aviation and space industry). It is light and durable.
  • Technology: Cutting from solid bars provides the highest possible product quality.
  • Tolerances: A bit tight fit is better than too loose fit for imaging equipment.
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